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bugatti beez – free smoke (remix) lyrics

free smoke, free smoke
i’ma dog, chico
i’m in a game, cheat code
i’m the bomb c4, nah, i take that back repo
all you n*gg*s wack, i be spittin’ crack
ya’ll a bunch a babies, where’s the similac?
we ain’t similar, f*ck around and hop on my bag
like i’m in a potato sack
don’t get it twisted but i came to win with this sh*t
i’m such a tornado act
free smoke, free smoke
in a pea coat, thinking ’bout my future
i’m in beast mode, beast mode, he know, she know
i don’t see why n*gg*s question this pen of mine
i hop on a beat and its dinner time
i got a buzz you can’t minimize
they don’t know what to call it, i been actin’ brolic
some say i’m toilet, cause they p*ssed that i’m stalling
with all of this sh*t of mine
all i ever do is improvise
and they be quick to try and penalize (hold on)
had to put the gin aside, just to finish this genocide
f*ck being xxl, i’m a different size (yeah)
i’m like a gemini, i got two different sides (yeah)
i’m the only dog, big and in clifford size
i get to throwing money
now they dancing all over the pole like the stripper kind
my whole d*mn life just got gentrified
f*ck around and gotta hypnotize
i went from wedges to waffles
but lately i been trying to get to them different fries
i’m doing sh*t you can’t criticize
i don’t respect it if it’s digitized
how can i make this sh*t simplified?
i’m on my toes like feet, every time i check a n*gg* feed
they say i’m cold as brain freeze
mind sharp, hd, i’m on them tree’s like leaves
i’m on mars like meech, spit a verse and they be like preach
at late where you find me at, i don’t sleep i’m an insomniac
i could play so many roles, johnny depp
i do not f*ck with you hoes
only time i’d ever f*ck with you hoes
is if i wasn’t a [?] but pardon me
if i’ma k!ll a sh*t, i gotta k!ll it accordingly, bury it
boy when it comes down to flows i got varies
you can’t compete with me dog, i’m the scariest
wave on wave, like an aquarius
babe on babe, giving me brain on brain
like i’m intelligent, i don’t give a f*ck like i’m celibate
i made this sh*t sound so elegant
free smoke, free smoke
if you hating n*gg*, deep throat

- bugatti beez lyrics

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