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dmx – shit don’t change lyrics

sh*t don’t change
(feat. snoop dogg)

[snoop dogg – echoing]
dmx, snoop dogg!
dogs of the world unite, yeah

[intro: dmx]
this that sh*t right here
grrrrrrr, sh*t don’t change
sh*t stay the same
snoop dogg! c’mon!
dmx! snoop dogg! [4x]

[chorus: snoop dogg (dmx)]
sh*t don’t change, sh*t stay the same
(sh*t don’t change) pop pop bang
(sh*t stay the same) i’m doin my thang

come through grab a n*gg*, bodybag a n*gg*
this rifle in his face’ll toe-tag a n*gg*
they wasn’t born in it, they was sworn in it
i roll with the wolves, point it out, they gon’ get it!
show ’em they gon’ hit it! that’s what we do
lethal, leave you see-through with the eagle
peep through, now he laid up in the box
lookin like he sleep, “he was the man on the blocks!”
now n*gg*z know that’s what the rats’ll do
turn, wanna be gangstas into, maggot food
but it’ll hurt a n*gg* with the truth to kill ’em with a lie
you ain’t my man! all you wanna do is get a n*gg* high
i see it in your eye, it ain’t nothin real about ya
you’s a fraud, it’s just how i feel about ya
look, y’all ain’t mobsters, you a posse
soon as i spot ya, i’ma stomp ya, watch, gotcha

[chorus – 2x]

check it
when the dog get hungry, dog gon’ eat
so i slide my plate right under a n*gg* feet
like them lines in the road i get down to the street
come through like brrrap! put them cats to sleep
stay with the heat, cook n*gg*z, shook n*gg*z
me and mines come through, it’s nothin but crook n*gg*z
you off the hook n*gg*! e’rybody strip!
e’rybody get down cause my n*gg*z flip!
spoiled fake n*gg*z take n*gg*z, snake n*gg*z
make n*gg*z rape n*gg*z, i hate n*gg*z!
talkin that riff-raff, get back
they call me extortion n*gg*, i get half
f*ck what you heard baby, x go hard
beast in the streets, beast in the yard
it ain’t never been nuttin to pull a n*gg*’s card
gangstas come to jail and wanna know god

[chorus – 4x]

[dmx and snoop dogg ad lib]

[chorus – 2x]

[dmx and snoop ad lib some more]

- dmx lyrics

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