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insane clown posse – bugz on my nutz lyrics

[sh*ggy 2 dope]
well, i don’t understand the phenomenom
we f*cking these hoes that look like spallala
rich boys think that is sh*tty
but i like f*cking crackheads with one t*t
and i do it at the drop of a dime
and i get the scabies almost every time
so let’s talk about my nutsac
i don’t front, jack, i got bugs on my ballzac

[violent j]
well i’m violent j and i ain’t no b*tch
i’m always quick to tell you when my nuts itch
cuz b*tch if i’m itching when i come home
drop a brick in a sock swing it on your dome
you didn’t think nothing of it, just let me stick it
probably should of known cuz i thought i heard crickets
in your neden, but i ain’t sayin nuttin though
i ain’t sayin nuttin till i’m done nuttin, ho
and know i’m like b*tch how can this be
tryin to sleep and my nuts get up and watch tv
then try to walk to the store and get a 40
how’d these bugs get on me

[sh*ggy 2 dope]
somebody asked me how i got scabies
probably that homeless fat redneck bad lady
that i f*cked in the shed
then the little critters on my dingaling said

[chorus (2x)]
your nuts we want your nuts
we’ll itch and scratch and bite your nuts
your nuts we want your nuts
please, oh please, f*ck dirty b*tts (sl*ts)

[sh*ggy 2 dope]
i met this b*tch and went up in it
dropped her off, went to the clinic
b*tch, i got bizugs on my siznac
so tell me what’s up with that
should of said something bout your bug problem
now i’m gonna have to sock you in your mouth, b*tch
can’t keep my motherf*cking hands out my drawers
stick a roach motel up under your b*lls
nah, i’d rather stick em in a deep fry
and sizzle those motherf*ckers off my w*ng

[violent j]
so you wanna f*ck around, always gotta buck around
lift up your dingaling nothing but a bug ya found
now they call you funky nuts cuz you like funky b*tts
scratching and biting them, now they call you monkey nuts
but i ain’t sayin nothing, cuz you ain’t playin nothin
bring the track back and i get back to the nutsac track

[sh*ggy 2 dope]
so now i try to rap cuz the bugs is biting
but i ain’t going out like a b*tch, yo, f*ck that
stick em in a blender and hit the switch
then i hit the b*tch

[violent j]
met this b*m in the back of a dumpster
f*cked her in the rumpster, juggaluga humpster
had to take a p*ss, so i pulled out my w*ng
then i heard my dingaling sang

[chorus (8x)]

[violent j]
check this out man, i can remember back in school
back in elementary school, yeah sh*t used to be cool then
you know what i’m sayin’ cause it was all about shootin’ dice
and playin’ dodgeball and sh*t you know
but then something happened man everybody grew up
and now ain’t nothin’ the same like this one punk m*th*f*cka
the same m*th*f*cka i was tradin’ g.i. joe’s with and playin’ kick ball
is gonna run up on me and throw a gang sign talkin’ about
he’s gettin’ to fry my head and sh*t
well f*ck you ya know cause you’re still the same fake *ss b*tch
you always was so don’t come around me with that sh*t cause i know you too well
you still the same guy that be a six jello eattin’ m*th*f*cka you always was
oh yeah and a couple years ago i f*cked your sister at your birthday party
so don’t come

- insane clown posse lyrics

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