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kash doll – for everybody (everybody) lyrics

aye, ladies? have you ever had to call one of these lil hoodrats?
and… and she tried to act like you don’t know who the f*ck yo n*gg* is?
these b*tches done lost they mind (don’t do that)
yeah, she gone some…

listen, don’t hit my line, asking why my number in yo n*gg* sh*t. (what?)
you wasting ya time, (was waiting on me) probably shoulda asked that n*gg* b*tch. (i did.)
probably wasn’t f*cking with that, (b*tch you sound stupid) probably wanted a bad b*tch in his life
i mean how the f*ck am i suppose to know? i mean you said that he was yo n*gg* right? (you know that)
cuffing is dead. you heard what i said, b*tch cuffing is dead
these new n*gg*s don’t know how ta act
they in out of everybody back. (yo rat *ss)
never trust no n*gg* b*tch, all these n*gg*s counterfeit
baby girl when you gone learn? that is not yo n*gg*, sh*t

oh yeah, you know what time it is…
these n*gg*s for everybody. (nah, not mine.)
these n*gg*s for everybody! (b*tch you for everybody)
ahhh, these n*gg*s for everybody, these n*gg*s for everybody, these n*gg* for everybody, these n*gg* for everybody

i suck and f*ck em when i want to (me too!)
run his pockets when i want too (b*tch)
run his check up in saks 5th. (that’s it?) that’s what this good p*ssy do. (it’s whack) came thru on dat late night. sent for me, first cl*ss flights. (commercial)
follow me, you might learn something, stop tripping might earn something
he won’t eva love a square b*tch. (a square b*tch?)
baby you gone have to share him. ya n*gg* been down wit opp… i hate to be the one to tell ya
i seen him in houston with lexi (i know her)
when he leave you he gone text me and imma ask him what that mouth do, i can’t help it that i’m this s*xy

see, you might be able to cuff some but dat n*gg* ain’t gone be nun of em
see, that n*gg* love him a bad b*tch (which is me)
and everybody havin fun wit him (that’s why he wifed me)
see dat n*gg* ain’t no exclusive (yes he is)
girl you out her looking stupid (b*tch, you look stupid)
i ain’t being funny, i’m just telling you that you don’t know what you doing. (ima
beat this b*tch *ss)
the type of n*gg* dat you pursuing, is the type of n*gg* that ain’t eva love you back. (but he love me doe.)

- kash doll lyrics

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