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lil uzi vert – 53 lyrics

[into: lil uzi vert]
ha, yeah
f*ck boy, b*tch
ain’t never had to do sh*t (oh lord!)
but live luxury your whole life
f*ck n*gg*

[verse 1: lil uzi vert]
what the f*ck you done did (f*ck you done did)
i got your main b*tch all up in my bed (godd*mn)
f*ck n*gg*
oh yeah, she up in my bed
you want her back? well, after 5
cause that b*tch be giving me head, f*ck boy
lil’ boosie *ss fade, you ain’t got no wave *ss boy
still in the yu-gi-oh trade *ss boy (weirdo!)
you would probably catch them all, say it, *ss boy (you would)
you got what? a switch blade *ss boy? (f*ggot)
we got choppers, we got big gun *ss boy (big gun, gun)
forest, forest, forest, don’t run *ss boy (don’t run!)
you ain’t even from the slum *ss boy
(i ain’t never seen you in my hood)
we got money, i’m dancing, counting a million and one *ss boy
n*gg*s talk like i ain’t from north philly
wanna go to war with me
you and yo b*tches and y’all both drop and give a n*gg* 50 (pause, wait get it? i gave him 50 to the back)
well, it don’t even matter
yeah i’m in the trap ho (trap! trap!)
eatin’ on the ch*nk platter
i’m tripping, but i ain’t falling (no fall)
where yo money? pull out some cash, f*ck n*gg* stop stalling (stop stalling!)
we out here ho, swear to god that we balling
but i ain’t talking spalding
(well, i know you heard that line too many times)
yeah, i’m on, dumb*ss boy (dumb*ss boy)
i won, *ss boy (winning! winning!)
oh you want some, *ss boy?
look at him, look at him tryna be like me, you my son *ss boy
i go stupid *ss boy, got your girl in love with me
call me cupid *ss boy
i’m ruthless *ss boy (i’m crazy as sh*t)
your girl she love suckin’ me, like she toothless *ss boy
and i ain’t even done (i’m s*xy as sh*t!)
nope, what up bud, what up donald, what up cannon
n*gg* from the north but sound like young n*gg* from the south
(trap! trap!)
won’t play my songs then og, keep my name out your mouth
(real sh*t)
you can’t duck and dodge a hip-hop conversation without lil uzi, lil uzi, lil uzi
swear to god industry be the groupie
they ain’t groupies, a lot of n*gg*s be haters
sleep on me now, but try and win with me later (winning!)
cause i take yo girl, take yo fans, shoot yo club up, and i kill yo mans
i’m different with it, and i do sip lean
i don’t smoke no weed, i don’t smoke no green
i’m always off that promethazine (water)
i love codeine, i rap in a dream
they say how you flow like that?
jock off my st**z
i got a tec m*th*f*cker, sh*t hold about 53
that’s a awkward number, got a awkward stance
countin’ money, that’s the money dance, but
if i let go of this 53, that’s a awkward man
[outro: lil uzi vert]
and for you dumb m*th*rf*ckers
when i said when i let go of this 53 i said it was 53 bullets in the tec and that sh*t is a awkward *ss number and i put 53 in him now he awkward cause i shot a–
man, you get that sh*t
y’all dumb*ss motherf*ckers, lil uzi, let’s get it

- lil uzi vert lyrics

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