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pizza boy. – my life a waste. lyrics

i’ma search ‘jewish t*tties’ on the tubes, ain’t i?
i’ma lurk her tumblr page for the nudes, ain’t i?
eating f*cking fries off the floormat
so depressed, got the blanket on the window
so depressed, ‘give a f*ck when i end flows
should pray ‘cause my whole life sinful
doing dirt, it come back on me tenfold
nympho, camping out with the tentpole
shoulda’ told you i was just a sad n*gg*
news flash: i don’t even wanna rap, n*gg*
woke up one day with the soul out me
‘n*gg* try to plant seeds but they grow lousy

my life a waste, my life a waste
my life a waste, my life a waste

hope is for the people that believe
‘go to sleep, seeing evil in my dreams
i ain’t never getting to the root, it’s a hoot
i keep circling the drain in a loop; it’s eternal
fire on my body; it’s infernal
n*gg*s doing chicken sh*t around me like the colonel
k!ll and resurrect me
always wanna test me
answer sh*t right, still turn me around and eff me
broken like the levees; the pain keep flooding
i can’t keep nothing; the hate keep tugging
shoulda’ told you you was just a f*ck n*gg*
woke for the retweets, i don’t f*ck witcha’
that ain’t “so important”; that ain’t problematic
attention junkies, all you goofy n*gg*s [are] f*ckin’ addicts
i’m jumping off a bridge when the alb*m drop
i’m trash, you trash, i ain’t dealing with it
f*ck this d*mn song, i ain’t dealing with it
f*ck this d*mn tape, i ain’t dealing with it

- pizza boy lyrics

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