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wavy jone$ – pink pills lyrics

soft in my sock
heart stained from the wockhardt
pull up on your block drop top
f*ck a cop car
ion give a f*ck if that b*tch
got my c*ck hard
nut down her throat
watermark her for the stockyard

2 white b*tches in the back of the mansion
triple stacked pink pills got me dancin’
b*tch im off a bean feel like charlie sheen
all white at the funeral im mr.clean
ak round my neck like kony
dont know me b*tch dont phone me

peterpan off the xan im relaxin’
couple grand in my hand satisfaction
everyone you knows getting taxed
ugly motherf*cker with a strap
f*cked yo baby mama cuz you wack
sold yo baby daughter for a pack

- wavy jone lyrics

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