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xxxtentacion – r.i.p roach “east side soulja” lyrics

misc. female moaning

[verse 1: xxtentacion]
cocaine for my breakfast
but that pistol ambidextrous
p*ssy boy talk reckless, he might end up on a stretcher
f*ck with my set, come get wet like a p*ssy
sauce, what i spilled on my kilt [?] milk
xxx on a kill streak
you p*ssy n*gg*s watch crispy
f*ck a white b*tch on the sixth week
six stars like jeezy yeah kill me
it’s more money i’m getting
if a n*gg* try to take what’s [?]
shouts out to my [?] they killed my bro [?]
i’m like
mama raised a soldier, not a b*tch not a b*tch, yuh! (x5)
r.i.p. my soul ay , r.i.p. my soul okay (x3)

[verse 1: $ki mask “the $lump god”]
my who? hahahaha b*tch
i got my handicaps on this b*tch
i’m about to sip this motherf*ckin’ water
oh that’s not even water, i stole that boy’s sh*t

ay, came from the dirt you can’t hit my perk
said my diamonds wetter than some sweat, absurd
gold up on my wrist is looking sunny – big bird
hit ’em with the hit ’em with the numbers like a nerd
ayy let’s slide sixth wall [?]
call my pockets knotty cause they sloppy, oh my
i could be xzibit, might pimp my ride
[?] like christ
hit my b*tch like bruno
get a b*tch wet no juno
put it in her mouth like uno
chest all polo like “kudos!”
dog *ss n*gg* like cujo
baseball bat who you know?
she all wet like fructose
diamonds on like they [?]

- xxxtentacion lyrics

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