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​kid c. – flow better than your favourite rapper lyrics

cold night, winter out, it’s white
i deliver this verse with a case of frostbite
i believe in the demons, i’ve seen in my life
all these fakes, they been fiending, no sleeping at night
there’s no sleeping at night, waking up in a whip
maserati on lease, i’ma choose the x6
record with a yeti, my sh-t always cold
i don’t f-ck with these hoes, drown in money, like boat
who the f-ck been claiming they a bad b-tch?
turned 21 now they claiming they savage
they work for they momma, they pay below average
hand verses like jobs, ‘bout to blow, gaining traction
hol’ up, erase the fire out the booth, i dunno what i’ma do
i’m getting money so the fans don’t know what i’ma go do
i guess i’m staying independent, this the life that i choose
and everybody lookin’ at me like i’m high on the moon
get the mic, cause a boom, kill-a mike, jaime too
‘bout to run up on ya cause i’m gonna die pretty soon
hol’ up, motherf-ckers buying time in the booth
but n-body listening, they gonna die pretty soon
that was not nice, chain cold cause the sh-t be made of rock ice
everybody be importing sh-t like, what, why?
getting caught but you’re ‘important, getting off fine’?
no, you’re not, boy
life is adjacent to flies stuck in sh-t
i take out your woman, we dine in the whip
an hour p-ss by and she ride on my stick
ride or die, i’ma live, p-ss the time in this b-tch
i don’t know, woo, i don’t know, woo
seeing the bullets, they fly in this b-tch
time to go, woo, time to go, woo
living the life i can tell to my kids
i don’t know, woo, i don’t know, woo
do this sh-t a$ap but not if i’m ferg
time to go, woo, time to go, woo
more like i’m rocky, i’m never ‘gon learn
pray to god? he ain’t make me
motherf-cker gonna shed a tear when i’m 80
so i see your fans and now they tryna replace me
as they ‘count they bands’, oh wait, what
in a fake dream, oh, just don’t make me
kill everybody who f-ck with me
living a life of debauchery
b-mping lil scotty; that rodeo, god to me
praying to satan cause he better off with me, what?
offer me all of my dreams
to live in a paradise, king with the queen
i’m tired, you mixing the codeine with lean?
oh, what, it’s the same thing?
now you p-ssing the weed, now, you p-ssing the green?
and i’m bodying this, i know
take your fanbase and they rock with it, oh
the lames have been dropping out, wow, i know
i’m out of this b-tch, now you bow to the goat
i get c-cky with age, now i’m fine like the wine
drop tape after tape and i leave you behind
that contained.kinda.crazy ‘gon blow out your mind
now for real, i’m out, get the f-ck outta my mind

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