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#003 lucci – on the run: episode 1 lyrics


i remember being on the run
me and lil bro walked down the block he just passed me the gun
seen one of the opps walked straight through the cut we beat that boy a ton
shorty said he gone k!ll me and he merched it on his son
but we ain’t never scared we keep glocks and ak’s that come with drums
but sh+t we ain’t have nun else to do we start kicking door for fun
went to my side of the hood to hoop stayed out till 8:01
now we wearing all black we got two straps look likе some nuns
now we walking through the park wе seen twelve straight through the block
but none of us trying to go to jail we’ll shoot it out with the cops
bro nem really don’t give no f+ck if he live through the night or not
so i know his mama prayed over his head before he left the block
we hit the back street
timbs and black ones what we got on
lookin for a crib wit no porch light and the car be gone
lil bro mama called he hung up turnt off his phone
found the perfect house so you know what we got on
gang nem rang the bell just to see if they in the crib
waited like three minutes n0body there so you know what he did
gloves on he mask up bout kick this b+tch right in
but i told lil bro to watch out cause i’m the one that had the timbs
booted that b+tch like three times and lock ain’t even bend
so lil bro went to the window took a brick and busted in
he climb through go unlock the door and i walk in
he go upstairs going through the room i’m in the bas+m+nt
i don’t find sh+t but some laundry clothes and a playstation
took that b+tch real quick cause i don’t really got no patience
run upstairs tell him its time to go some lights outside
run straight out the back some glass break its time to ride
drop the game trying to jump gate ain’t got no time
but i know i better not drop this gun cause i know b+tch ain’t mine
get to the next block we don’t what the f+ck to do
but we know we’d better get away cause twelve in hot pursuit