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03shakes, addy – dreams of dior lyrics


verse 1
i’m struggling with the hustle i’m stranded
i move like andy danis
raining on my neck, that’s what the ranks did
since i got the dub mf’s tryna ride me
everyone be me wifey
if you ain’t f+ck with calm
get the f+ck from round me
serious don’t play yourself
you tried to clown me
i got a lotta haters that tryna pound me
shaina told me she getting a sandwhich
yo landowner a wackmas
she ain’t a bad b+tch
i had to leave the woods to get the brain up
they see me at mpw, can’t keep up
had to hustle on my own
i had to man up

i’m a gentleman, flеxing from the get+go
yeah i’m lit my nеck and my fist glow
this a 27 link with the 00
yeah, you tuned in to the shakes show

verse 2
i’ma call your baddie from yo phone
kicking 5’s from the first mo
wanted dior? shoulda linked from the get go
slide in if you want some snow
why yo house in escrow?
they ask me why my flow so lethal
i say try drop some heat like me tho
i can’t wait to sell out
take yo shawty on the road now
sheck wes vibing on the lowdown
shakes cooking up some dope now
i think the potion starting to take a toll now
robro dip, its time for me to go now
dior and fendi on my toe now
i’m paranoid can’t dip without my coat now
my dior runners keep me active during coronaow
i’m a gentleman, flexing from the get+go
yeah i’m lit my neck and my fist glow
this a 27 link with the 00
yeah, you tuned in to the shakes show

verse 3
my ice freak me out
616 turn it up
i tapped your girlfriend in that bus
sent her home in uber lux
cop dior, dont matter what it cost (cust)
not a dentist but im always flossing
bumping nav, always be trappin
im the first one to make it happen
stack it up, dior im always slappin
your b+tch i always be tappin
turn ur homeboy into a mattress
got shooters that won’t hesitate to clap him

came in 2020 and caused a madness