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0asis2x – until we meet again 0utr0 lyrics


i think its time to go now
i think its go oh oh
i think its time to go now
i think its time to go

cuz i dont feel needed nomore
i dont feel appreciated
u may not see me more
im going away no vacation
and i feel like the, vibes not right so
im not hiding, how i feel anymore
cuz im not tryna
flash out on you
or crash out on you
or overreact or harm you
if i disappear i won’t come back i warn you
cuz ion feel needed nomore
i dont, i dont
i won’t, i won’t
i know, i know
time gos and time gos
i see you nomore
i know and i know
i hope and i hope
youll take me back again
i dont feel needed no more oh
this ain’t a time for the games u play
n0body cares and thats safe to say
i just might stay if they change they ways
but you gon have the next n+gga take my place
baby i dont really understand it
i got too much people tryna damage me
bae let me know you can handle me
if i got shot would u bandage me up
love and affection, baby i need some
and no im not future, but future i see us
im gon dissapear im gonna go away
if you didn’t know what well i guess you know today
i guess you know today
ee yea
i guess you know today
ha, until we meet again