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0thatunknowngirl0 – me and you lyrics


cross my heart hope to die
i stick a needle in my eye
i swear to you i’d never lie
i’ll be true
don’t even need to try
in the end, it will be just him and i
i can see it in his eyes
and if i die before i do
i will always love you true
always and forever to
only forever me and you
hope to see you soon
in my favor, you bloom
my favorite forever through
the world is ours together fussed
forever it’s the truth
forever i’m amused
by those who feel
what we have isn’t real
say fake love we spiel
always and forever untrue
forever it can’t be me and you
reeling in all my sins
what i give is not my ken
the greed they say
stop you can’t put me down
i won’t get on my knees
can you fill all my needs
we’ll have to see
with every passing of the trees
i can see just me and you
how do you feel now
do you love me
do i fill you with glee
that how i feel about you
don’t you see
i love thee
you bring me to my knees
got me begging, please
you can hurt me
that’s okay
as long as you love
that will make me happy
is that too sappy
am i being to takky
you and i
i would die
without you by my side
not sure how long i’d last
but that’s all in my past
forever you and i
is in my future