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1. da commission – the god’s fury lyrics


da commission is a duo of young, ambitious artists which comprises of twin brothers domagoj (intricate d) and mihovil (mon$taa mic) gaspic. domagoj and mihovil were born and raised in kuwait before they came to croatia in 2005, and have been involved in music since they were 13 years old
as of yet the duo have had over 500 performances in croatia and the region, as well as in foreign markets. some of the cities where they have performed include: istanbul, dubai, bahrain, split, zagreb, dubrovnik… during their career the duo da commission have directing club programs, radio shows and have partic-p-ted at various conferences (megamix radio hvar, radio laus, shift conference..)
da commission have experienced success in the u.s. appearing on several mixtapes and underground projects (new orleans, atlanta, new jersey) amongst which we highlight ‘sleeper cell vol.2′ (atlanta) and ‘street muzik ii’ (new orleans)
the duo is currently preparing their debut album ‘the fury’ on which they are collaborating with producers and artists from germany, sweden, the u.s. and croatia amongst which are wayne beckford, curse, wallstreet, salif and regionally known hren beatz

final draft: as most debut albums go

the fury has been through more than its share of “the fire”

the challanges this pilgrimage entails are all too familair for msot aspiring artists. ranging from the family health issues to the authenticating power of poverty and plagued by broken promises and technical difficulties

da commission finally found the joy and escape of channelling this adversity in the booth. all proving to be a blessing in disguise as the fraternal duo exceeded even their own (and our) expectations with a true hip hop banger album. cultivating their sound from a grittier, daresay realer era of hiphop da commission mixes 90’s ballads with a sonic vocabulary entirely their own. certain records feel like the early days of late 80s nyc then some are just outright obnoxious bringing the fervor and heat of the modern underground a la jedi mind tricks. they transcend multiple sub genres with ballads that have distinct west coast -wc feels- and then hold their own on more accessable hardcore pusha t type of flava. there are interesting features and compelling twists providing a ‘something for everyone’ feel without losing sight of the overall objective well encapsulated in the t-tle -which might as well be their mission statement

‘the gods’ fury’ is a promo album with a comfortable 11 tracks and solicits the creative powers of artists from kansas to stockholm namely: gift, wallstreet, salif the first black viking (sony/konvict), angel higgins to name just a few. the message is clear. da commission see’s you. da commission is coming for you and da commission is serious about returning the genre to its lyrical glory. stay tuned