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1 n only – r.o.s. lyrics



uh, yeah

[verse 1: 1nonly]

rap isn’t dead, it’s just
buried alive
but r.o.s. (old school i revive)
arrive on the scene, flow never derivative
1nonly definitive, fake rappers so primitive
so, i take initiative cause i am the first
hence 1nonly rap isn’t formal, no ceremony
so rappers, i obliterate coldly
i’m in the game all the way, like holy matrimony
hold up

i’m in too deep to lose it
risky business porsche, i’m tom cruise-ing
raw talent, yeah, i ooze it
beat the beat up, i bruise it
stay a little while, why don’t you sit
and take a lesson from a mastermind
i’m a sick, out-of-my-mind
so unorthodox, wise, type of kid
on the rise, so watch your back
have an extra set of eyes
hold up

i do what i need to, to defeat you
and if i need to, i seek to pull and heat you
but not with a gun, with these bars that i renew
and this mic, and these critic reviews
but be cool
a struggle makes it easy, or easier
hard bars for days, spitting meteors
now let me pause briefly, or briefly-er

[verse 2: 1nonly]

my flow makes everyone dance and cavort
rap got contorted i just scream abort
recede, but never retreat
no compet-tion in this game, so
compete means defeat for these lames
my rhymes are provocative, to the mind
and the meanings are so positive, to find
flowing so raw, pure talent, unrefined
it’s a sin to k!ll, but my rhymes are so inclined
so inclined in my mind, but i’m out of it
you say you the best, but i’m shouting it
because i am the best, and the legends are my delegates
spitting so deft, simultaneously eloquent

yeah, spitting so deft, simultaneously eloquent

we hold these truths to be self-evident
that all men are created equal
when rapping, must be eloquent
call me death, my rhymes are lethal
spit fetal fecal matter
eagles spitting evil chatter
i’m here for the retrieval chapter, (uh)

christian is a christian, reading testaments
meth-head methodists, lacking development
i’m prevalent, and malevolent, and excellent
spitting excrement, no deficits, (def, def)

defecate, incinerate, and obliterate
reiterate exhilaration
no sympathy, no commiseration
the industry’s my canvas
vividly spitting imagery what is this madness
flow symphonies, instantly you lose all dignity
i am a savage, and i viciously create all the havoc
don’t worry, i’ll carry your casket
cascading verbs and words, i’m blowing a gasket

yeah, i’m blowing a gasket

[verse 3: 1nonly]

compet-tion contradictions, fiction depictions i depict
inflict friction, my prediction is my omen
i’m a bowman with a bow, in your abdomen
then reload like roman, now you’re broken open
i am the chosen

1nonly or sicknezz
is the sickest sl!ckest ticket
don’t get it twisted, listen
i’m a wicked vicious midget
with riches and a fitted
working on my fitness
cause it is, survival of the fittest
this is straight business

his is the biggest
baddest, fattest, fastest-est-est
stricken with madness
i’m mad at the world
and it’s axis, like an atlas
i’m a spineless, backless savage
with a palace, plenty practice
plenty matches, and a habit of spitting acid
that’ll leave you hat less
or topless like this actress named alice
i met over summer, it’s a bummer
i lyrically destroyed her son, or
he stepped to me, now he’s a number
feet under, in eternal slumber, (uh,)
yeah, uh, uh

i’m here to allow rhyming fear
spit slime vows in your ear
now dear, i snack and chow on rapper’s fear and stalk
i snack and chow, and i right here, do not flock
i snack and chow, keep rhymes in ear
keep rhymes in stock like nasdaq and dow
i snack and chow on rappers stalks
don’t knock it ’till you try it
it’s eight o’clock if it’s still, don’t buy it
unlock my safe, bills go flying
c-ck my head to the side, -sigh-
it’s world war
iii, three i’s like hiiipower
i tower over towers
and hang over overhangs
it’s my hour