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1-o.a.k. – if sex was all we had lyrics


[verse 1: 1-o.a.k.]
if s-x was all we had
i would play it too cool
but i’m cracking jokes to make you laugh
‘cause your smile lights me up inside
if s-x was all we had
i wouldn’t cut my second phone off
girl you know i’m in demand
but i want our time uninterrupted
if s-x was all we had
i couldn’t look you in your face
tell you ‘bout my troubled past
girl you deserve my honesty
if s-x was all we had
i wouldn’t put you in my prayers
try to understand your fears
i just want to take the pain away

[bridge: 1-o.a.k.]
see i – i – i’m feeling somethin’ serious
i know your heart ain’t nothing to play with
a t-tle wave crashed and now we’re all swept up
girl it must be love, ‘cause it happened to the both of us

[3xchorus: 1-o.a.k.]
hold your hand while i’m drowning
‘cause i’m drowning too – oh – oh drowning too oh – oh