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1 trait danger – interstitial lyrics


yeah i mean, it was kind of a crazy turn of events for us
we went to this festival with hopes and dreams
thinking we’d meet some people, make some connections, maybe get invited to some parties, i dunno
we didn’t get invited to one f-cking thing

next thing you know, i got a f-cking email, and the f-cking email says-it says
“hey, how would you feel about having an opening spot on the ed sheeran tour, in mexico city?”
and i turn to my boys, i said, “what the f-ck is this sh-t?”
(what the f-ck is this sh-t?)
and they say, come on, laughing, “email him back, see what it’s about”
(email him back, see what it’s about)

so i emailed the f-cking guy
turns out, he did it
he hacked their sh-t and put us on the f-cking opener spot in mexico city for ed sheeran
i don’t know how, i don’t know who, i don’t why
but i was elated; ecstatic

i had to know his name
so i sent him an email back
i said, “man, you gotta tell me
who the f-ck are you?”