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1 xealot – tbs lyrics


this is the part of the movie where things can get interesting at any moment
unfortunately i really can’t say that the same will come from my opponent
i’m stick shifting any naysayer and i’m haymakering the compet-tion
buddy wanna bring the beast out…
i don’t mean to boast but i’ll spill the lipton
all of my rhymes are a compliment while all of your rhymes are not solvent
some will say hey wait you’re conscious, why are you picking on rappers with problems?
well things do get rocky so asap i forget how the math is so simple
ima mix this with a preset and the fact that i’m better will insue
look at my gains yo i’m cecil with an easel in the white house
rap game paladan but dismantling and your tv show?
yea i’m cancelling
you can babble on mister mumble mouth, i’m not chillwave this is trillwave
this is views from the batcave, this is me from when i rap bait