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10 racks – the regina genocide lyrics


i don’t f+ck with lean
momma told me stay away from weed
but right now i’m up like 10 000 feet
call me 10 racks, in my pockets i got 10 000 peas
yeah i’m 10 racks on the track, speaking fast, spittin’ raps, that’s that
yeah i’m 10 racks on the track, speaking fast, spittin’ raps, that’s that

i’m a rapper with no chain, no game and no fame
sitting in my bedroom
makin’ tik toks
whole lot of shame
i’m a rapper with no flow, no hoes and no cool clothes
sh+t’s fine, i got millies and im chillin’ and chilly
feelin’ kinda chilly
cuddle with meek milly
he’s tuggin’ on my w+lly
we listinin’ to billie

meek mill’s tuggin’… on my… w+lly…

i love the environment
i hop in a prius
80 on the highway, i’m going delirious
huggin’ trees, it’s nothin’ serious
me and my crew are eco+conscious
you and your crew are way too envious
all these females wanna be with us
just kidding, i’m all alone
roam these streets all alone
no one’s hittin’ my phone
but don’t worry i’m on the throne