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100 crowns – the coronation cypher lyrics



one time for the barely convinced
i know you heard me though, since
put on the jersey bro, rep
if you a hater or a fan, you a fan
you in the dark or you just dumb on the fence
less time between your thumb and your index
twiddling fingers
the boy means business like
same on facetime, hey ladies
the product 99th percentile, grape vine
and distrokid move the work way beyond state lines
and the catalogue balanced like the play sign
hey mami, qué lo qué hahn?
pull up on me shooting in a straight line in the daytime
like how we gon do all that sh-t you talking here in this shoprite steak aisle?
tryna hold back my canine
ran into a queue of red and black bones
long skirts and jackets
summer of ‘88 vibes
barely big enough merch and she cropped it around the waistline
mami don’t start
we gon take time if we don’t take time
let’s talk about it
i don’t know my audience
my promotion, not the best
i don’t got no saudi friends
and y’all don’t wanna pay the artists
you think this a hobby man
do you see a smiley face?
do you see a harley quinn?
you gon stretch the budget cuz we worth all of the money spent
we tryna throw shows in indonesia on a bali ting
came in a picanto but he smelling like he carry benz
johnny seab-ss still the alté rock for me like johnny drille
i cannot conceal it
i’ve got this feeling if not this christmas
then 2020
i’ve locked this vision
a concept
mixing the concert and dishes
you sponsors that’s listening
come test in the pot
the ambition is hot, the kitchen give gordon ramsay a shock
scoop the cream of the crop
i flipped him to roasted corn on the cob
become a believer, quickly like ripley’s, believe it or not
soundcloud, ep, features don’t put me in a box
all this fast rapping is long talk
fade out to my slow songs


the lyrical underground’s sunken revival
tell somebody sound the alarm announcing the arrival of the cl-ssics
the dj prolly spin the record off a vinyl
i jump on a beat, zero backup and still end up on a high note
get it?
nah, you missed the line so just forget it
but watch the reign of a king
while i’m raining this armageddon
the only rapper to reckon, snooze on me for a second, we sending yall back to heaven
that’s rappers and non-believers
i see you
trust me i’m aiming at you b-st-rds
f-ck that “hip-hop is dead” sh-t
we jumping straight outta the casket
i’m not impressed with your p-ssion
thought y’all was ready for action
but n-ggas don’t want the smoke
but wanna be rising from the ashes?
oh well
guess who is ill again, forever elegant on the mic
k!ller flow, but the penwork is separate?
guess who is recognised by proper guys
no propaganda, i’m more than standard
my name’s a f-cking mantra
ask the greats, man it’s gotta be me
not only did they p-ss the torch, they must have p-ssed the degrees
that’s why i burn every instrumental they p-ssing to me
lord of chaos, an arsonist
but now i’m p-ssing for peace
cause when i started the game, i said that i wanna be great and they told me the vision was wild
fast forward a couple of years, now i k!ll every verse, goddammit just look at me now
i’m well on the way, man, i married the game
i just tossed the bouquet because every flower was wild
golden child, man, i got em runnin all wild
i got em runnin all wild
but trust me i paid the price
i don went broke so many times trying to push my hustle but i’m thankful that god is nice
so if they ask me if i’ve paid my dues, man, i’ve got it settled for life
i wrestled with strife
now all of my angels and demons feel better bout life
tell the devil when i see him it’s on sight
it’s on sight, yeah
going psycho
how i like, yeah
i’m in flight mode
on the beat, yeah
i vandalize
olubadan in the building
tell em cut the lights yo


two words, lock up
y’all got me f-cked up
acting like i fell off when i was on a come up
now my name dey the streets like
who dey really burst p-ss, tentik or kporkpor
bruh, i don’t care about rap like that
they hear where i from and wonder how i rap like that
warri, i put my city on the map like that
i know the plug to your plug, i’m in the trap like that
facts, it’s real when i’m rapping i don’t joke around
the streets sees through my music it’s ultrasound
wow! we smoking loud
you said you wanted all the smoke but you choking now
i grew up on naeto c n-gga, you should know my p
i stay rolling with my gees yo we really on the streets
ain’t n0body dope as me, i go loco on the beat
i stay c-ming with the bars, kirikiri jo soapy
i’m naira marley mixed with damian marley smoking cali
everywhere good mehn nor worry bout me
don’t worry if i got signed just worry about what i spit
well if you worried it’s still rizlagang b-tch
now that’s all you get
you want more? wait for the album it’s almost here

timi kei

n-ggas rhyme like farm animal stories, a lotta c-ck & bull
i’m part cannibal, gory, my other part is cool
a tight handle on phonies, quit acting a fool
you mechanical homie?
i’ve got a lot of tools like spanners, pliers & even screw drivers
used to loosen up the tension & ridicule liars
with the flow i’m olympian y’all are middle school divers
leave em with low self esteem like a little dude who has been abused by a
older member of the fam
you make a change they hoping your repentance is a sham
you stay the same they claiming the mechanism is jammed
the definition is scam
yo evolution’s the plan
so you better find the balance between faith & works
we got a lot of hungry masters cos it pays to serve
apologize if i fray some nerves
we’ve been sleeping & eating, hoping that the tables turn
but i’m guilty of the same, much more than most
relied on talent but the brains wasn’t working bro
but i repented from my evil ways
get a cheque in s’il vous plais
sentiments & business never mixing in my ministry
my people getting worried how they questioning the guy
i told em hol up listen
it’s a blessing in disguise
cos every time i kick it
it’s an effortless surprise
i’m in the kitchen cooking tryna make the pepper rest for life
but i ain’t doing nothing funny like
barking like a dog at night
sleeping in a coffin or sacrificing my mummy’s life
something like rappers when we obnoxious on the mic
uncautiously recite
i’m in the studio touching lives like cardiologists
that’s parting up the ribs
they be yapping about how them they carry all the chics
that’s why i’m probably sorta p-ssed
cos we get real matters
herdsmen dey k!ll scatter
and y’all be digging up each other’s dirt like archeologists