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100 miles – 444 lyrics


i’ve been honest w y’all
i told you i feel like a failure within the midst of it all
hate the night
dreading the days
depression has taken my life so i’ve stuck in a haze
of white sp-ce
time loops
bad thought and dark greys

but these songs are my openness
healing the brokenness
total eclipse
total abyss watch my heart turn black
f-ck one time till my line go flat
if my brain don’t work like it used to
it’s a shame you alone when i with you
and i miss myself f-ck a face tattoo
and i rap with the hope that the sky turns blue
and i pray there’s a heaven
and i wish for a clear sign
tryna get more time
frozen in place like we cold with a case
wanna leave it to fate no jack frost
locked in a cage with a padlock
coming in quick for the last spot
f-ck this world wit no protection
give two f-cks
bout chord progressions
twitter mentions
doing dumb sh-t for your attention
spend my time tryna cope in rhymes
4:44 in the morning time
i hope that heaven might be real
so you can go there
and i won’t be scared