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100 miles – twisted stars lyrics



imma do this sh-t in one take

[verse 1]

i ain’t never felt worth nothing
been cool spitting on an empty stomach
till the kingdom coming
i won’t leave
winter out with a short sleeve
on a cold bench
don’t speak to me
i was bench pressed when you think about it
been on my own since 16
tryna grow up at 19
never been a man
or a straight n-gga
always sum different
like a b-tterfly
when im making waves
are you down to ride
stay stupid high
so i read a little
but move fast only need a minute
ain’t never had a whip with the windows tinted
but im dark skinned so my vision black
no kodak
can’t picture my thoughts like im cooking up art in my audio garden
im happy inside of this sh-t (woah)
shawty just rolled me a spliff (aye)
all creator no tyler
f-ck yo feelings
i want dollars
put the money all in my purse
only real n-ggas feel my verses
im just tryna heal all these curses
all my curses get wrote in cursive
phisticated but a dumb -ss negro
i ain’t ye but i love myself
and i want my wealth
cuz i been through h-ll
and back
tryna figure out what i lack
i’m the only one who got my back

twisted stars
no fantasies
i need gold for all of my sh-t
won’t go home i never give in
been gave blood for all of my sins

[verse 2]

high key i stay low-key (woah)
on a back beat
headphones in the back seat
dont wanna talk so don’t ask me
not mean i just needing my sp-ce
gimme pennies for my thoughts just for your sake
hate what this sh-t might do to me
if i open up and imma masterpiece
been trapped so long that i actually
might not know who the f-ck i am
i’m sitting in clouds
got a pretty perspective
i’m making my waves with the sh-t thats different
f-ck wit me if you want to
cool as f-ck when the sunshine
love myself without company
but i’m not as happy on the inside
pigs praise dance on my gravestone
breaking outta these grey tones
im living color
no other n-gga got it like me
feeling baby blue in my white tee
got a big grin can’t stop me
no sugar coating i ain’t iced tea
been tryna do the right thing
but i can’t see past my nose


not as happy on the inside
i just float alone
anxiety all in my microphone
voice broken and im heart broken
you f-cked up
got no trust
hurt inside
my mind dry
took a whole year
couldn’t write this song
up all night long
i don’t feel too strong