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1000 west – stark raving mad lyrics


one, two, three, four

[verse one]
she doesn’t like the game show lonely guy
it makes her empty, see them being high
tv tells you all there is to know
i get sick of seeing that same show
all the time

[verse two]
all the girls and guys with hands up high
with that fell, i yell, “she’s camera shy!”
we sit and sat there all day getting sad
we act as though they’re all stark raving mad
it’s not so bad

[verse 3]
with the [?] seems they get no way
for pity’s sake i shake so [?]
will it be the last day you see me?
the raving pilot crashed into the sea
you and me

she’s a [?] whose rocket-ship flew by
she’s the reason i haven’t had a [?]

the satellite is broke, cable’s out (cable’s out)