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100k tucc – reloaded lyrics


pistol on me imma keep it on me
and my blunt look like a fat leg
you was lackin i was creepin homie
now you laying on a flat bed
can’t trust sh-t just like i’m tony
put my trust up in this mac 10
n-ggas b-tches they wanna post me
that glizzy blow a n-gga back in
i got the game in a head lock
40 it came with a head shot
choppa it came with a red dot
we do not aim for no leg shots
i got the team with me, yeah the dream with me
you know we gone spray somethin
mask on finna take somethin
blacc youngsta we will shake somethin
i be in the trenches prolly with some b-tches
demons with me, yeah we gang bangin
we ain’t worried bout a d-mn thing
and we ain’t worried bout yo d-mn chain
keep a pole in case a n-gga try me
i ain’t tryna fight, it’s a scary sight
catch ’em slippin at the red light
leave his head by the headlights
charles e. where a n-gga posted
we can bump heads, n-gga, any day
hollow tips eat a n-gga face
stomach shot make him say his grace
pop the jigga, prolly spark a n-gga
prolly jack a n-gga if he ain’t acting right
b-tches knowin i ain’t tryna wife
and n-ggas knowin i ain’t tryna fight
windows tented, shots i’m sendin
plenty victims, on gang
and no shots i’m missin
n-ggas timid, leave ’em leakin
now he stinking, scene i’m leavin
mommas grievin
i be schemin, i’ve been leanin
i be dreamin, i be fiending, i be freaky
pop a yerky, now i’m lurkin
now i’m searchin, n-ggas goofy, another circus
plenty weapons, smith and wesson
teach a lesson, that’s how we gone send a message
i be flexin, diamond necklace
up this pipe, these bullets go through his indigestion
the world is cold, keep it po’
kept it g, ain’t sh-t, i ain’t never fold
make a way, won’t never change
100k just know we gone change the game
i am a boss now
i’m eatin so good i feel like i’m ross now
these n-ggas done lost now
you flexin your bands where you can get chopped down
we runnin’ them bands up
i’m toting this glizzy while you got yo hands up
my real n-ggas stand up
i’m still a street n-gga you an get fan’d up
we got the biggest poles
gettin these b-tches so we f-cking plenty hoes
i c-ck a semi though
i step in the party its under da fendi though
i’m finna spazz out
gettin this money, know we finna cash out
n-ggas be dissin me
beefin over ‘puters just tryna get some d-mn clout