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100mphh – beep beep lyrics


peppa what are you doin in the studio?

[peppa pig]
cars, and lorries, and trucks, and trains
vans, and tractors, and bikes, and planes
driving here, driving there
“broom, broom, beep-beep” everywhere
our red car goes, “broom-broom, beep-beep-beep!”
can you join in with all the traffic noises?

[100mphh and stxney]
beep beep b-tch ima mother f-cking car
film me f-cking david’s mom shes a p-rnstar
stuck it in her cl-t and than i f-cked her in the car
raw dog that b-tch yea she’s a f-cking wh-r-
beep beep
beep beep
beep beep

[peppa pig]
peppa and her friends had to ride their bikes
they put on their helmets and their lights
the wheels of the bikes go round and round
and the bells go “ringa-ringa-ring”
ringa-ringa-ring, ringa-ringa-ring
-d-mn son where’d you find this-
i think that’s a fire engine
i love fire engines
join in with me!
“mee-na, nee-na, nee-na!”