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100s – closer lyrics


[intro: mondreman]
yeah, yeah, joe s what’s happening
100s i see you my n-gga

[hook: mondreman] (x2)
smoking on my reefer
it’s cloudy i can’t see ya
so come a little closer
come a little closer

[verse 1: mondreman]
[?] in my back pocket, next to my green rag
green on my n-gga, you know how we be rocking
i need a green ova shorty that can get it popping
triple stack of the molly baby get it popping
on tour, all my n-ggas [?]
north carolina got the young hoes bopping
my n-gga tracks marine said he think he spot ’em
call me grabba-grabba cause you know i got ’em
and we ride and we smoking on doja
this internet got me b-tches and exposure
backstage h-lla crowdy, come closer
my n-gga brought her here, but now i’m on her
she loves the crew, so baby what it do?
if they f-ck with me, then i f-ck with you
i’m just trying to get a nut off and a buck or two
then dip off through the night is what a hustler do

[hook] (x2)

[verse 2: 100s]
throw hands when you’re with your n-ggas
shots when you’re with your kids
so get the lids, 100s is in this b-tch taking bids
i just might let her know
versace with my cousin mondre, n-gga there it go
young b-tch says she’s trying to ride me
my d-ck got a drinking age, let me see your id
come a little closer so i can spit it colder
f-ck with the [?] and the green ova
light my sh-t, never bite my sh-t
said her jaw’s getting locked up
so the drip she coughed up
game recognize me, ice cold term, ho
underweight n-gga with the ice cold perm, ho
let a n-gga breathe man, give me about five minutes
no true hollywood stay up out of my business

[bridge: mondreman]
hit me on the beeper
then i might come and see ya

[hook] (x2)