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100s – life o lyrics


in the life of a mack…
in the life of mack…

[verse 1]
swear a b-tch will always want some more
take a p-ss, wash my d-ck, then i’m out the f-cking door
stiff one arm hug, nothin’ mushy
gotta jet d-ck still smellin’ like p-ssy
speed it up, speed it up, speed it up
now i’m looking through my n-gga’s nest, tryna’ find a cigarette
breakfast date with nicolette, but she gotta hold
because a n-gga blew his last one, i gotta cop and pack some
it took a two-egger to mack that b-tch
n-gga watch and observe my mack antics
she ain’t-she ain’t never seen nothing like this
two braids, west coast, straight bumping like this
it was almost two i had to go anyway
but before i left it was something i had to say
your daddy rich huh, tell him that you mess with me
tell him that i’m next up, he need to come invest in me

straight making that money
straight making that money
young players getting raised out here
and all the chicken head b-tches wanna braid my hair
straight taking that money
straight taking that money
it’s all good, no sweat off my back
because it’s just another day, in the life of a mack

[verse 2]
it’s almost three i had her waiting for nothin’
so now she’s cryin’ and fussin’, she thinks i’m f-cking her cousin
i said hold up, can you prove that? b-tch are you sure?
the last time i saw that b-tch was back in 2004
she was bad you can’t blame it on sh-t
since back when, freek-a-leek was on the radio and sh-t
if i remember correctly, don’t ever sweat me
don’t think i won’t turn your broken heart into confetti
around six got a call from an unknown
must have been some ancient b-tches playing up on my phone
hit the store and got a bottle of rum
they gave it to me because they knew me
motherf-cker i ain’t twenty-one
had to k!ll it feeling made right now
then went on a drunk mission to my main b-tch house
got some p-ssy then i p-ssed out
woke up and hit it again because she was sleeping with her -ss out