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100th may – that’s just what we do lyrics


to rose…

-verse 1-
youve been everything that ive dreamed
and wished for in this lifetime
with an angels smile and long blonde hair
i thought i knew this
id given anything to become the boy
youd always dreamed of
by the way i act i think that i
know what im after

but i think i love you
i think weve become one
theres no use fighting
wed be denying what we know is true
cause thats just what we do

i have lived a life thats all tied up
and i, im ready for you
to take this life and make it right
so i, i can love you
did you know i wrote this for you
before you even knew me

were breaking free tonite
letting go of our goodbyeswoa
everything weve felt it known
youre somebody id love to know