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1019 gogo – 1019 lyrics



couple bands in my f—— pocket

other pocket gotta f—— rocket

they wanna study my moves

but it’s private

she like the way that i move it’s exciting

where is your crew

i can’t find em

you a scared dude

why you hiding

she don’t like you

why you lying

you can’t be in my shoes

why you trying

(verse 1)

you’s a f-ck n-gga

yes your -ss is f-cking bait

chase the f-ck n-gga down

got him hopping over gates

i want my money on time

i ain’t never like it late

you can’t eat with my squad

no you cannot get a plate

momma said i’m on a bad route

i’m sorry i can’t change

but understand i’m bout this bread

i ain’t worried bout the fame

and the family gone get fed

there’s gone be a lot of pain

stress free in the air first cl-ss on the plane

told my teachers i’ll be rich

they looked at me like i’m insane

the bad b-tches turned me down

now look at me i’m running game

your girl on my d-ck now

best believe she gone get trained

boy ya -ss is a clown

see what your girl doing for fame

busted all in her mouth

she boutta bounce she gotta change

i’m the big body now

on the free way switching lanes

yea on the freeway switching lanes

yea 1019 that’s the name