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1030 tuwop – who is y’all lyrics


? go boom
catch yo -ss lackin ima sweep you like a broom
got kicked out of school, i got kicked out of school
got two blocks on me hallows yo body droop
f-ck a duwap kaine, f-ck a duwap kaine
you a fish -ss n-gga, i will leave you out the tank
block me on instagram cause you was a b-tch
block me on twitter but you claim you with the sh-ts
f-ck smokepurpp, f-ck a smokepurpp
you a clown -ss n-gga, i will put you on a shirt
all y’all n-ggas b-tches, y’all be wearin skirts
and y’all n-ggas finna put tuwop in the dirt
savage -ss tuwop, this is what i do
tote the ar with the .9 (?)
everyone know ? is a f-cking b-tch
claim you is a savage but you really ain’t no sh-t
? is a f-ggot, chop yo head then i bag it
boy yo -ss is really broke, if i want it i can have it
he won’t show his face, he won’t say his place
all y’all n-ggas is some hoes, all y’all n-ggas is disgrace
choppa on my side, yes i’ma blow
all y’all n-ggas is some hoes, but y’all won’t show it
don’t diss for clout, i don’t need it
shootin on my block, cause i’m too conceited