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108 – opposition lyrics


don? t wanna leave you suspicious, truth can be vicious
just let the spirit burn and sear it through every lyric.
my crew will travel by sea or plane
just to ghetto the people bouncing, running game in the flames.
now if these words seem offensive and some dislike
it’s crucial. like johnny, ronnie, ricky, ralph and mike.

from the corner block where you gotsta sell out to sell in
with no promotion through the ranks until you start to spend sin.
i gotta job like the box on the wall that spits out soap
stay in posted to the call to instill tense hope
i got the urge when i started to him
move to pole position while i? m properly swervin?
keeping heated like city phoenix, the pit stop for some rest
the p to the h to the o e to the n to the i to the x
by chance if they happen to ask where knowda at
kust tell? em he? s makin syllables tap with the hi hat, seen

it’s untwisted, unperverted, done encrypted
spun specific, ginsu-ed into to simple linguistics.
i slang predicates, tackling ill etiquette
only heavenly eloquence pr-nounces real evidence.

writing these raps downtown
collecting minimum snaps now, somehow
blessings fall like fluid drained from rainclouds
it seems simply amazing, marvelous super spectacular
i? m far from starving livin off of jah vernacular
every word i heard from his lips gave me a reason
and it grew me up quick from similac to steak seasoned
needed toflee thoughts and spots i used to frequent
somebody come and interrupt my sickly sequence
who stepped from off his throne into the confines of time
squeezed into the heart of a man to sanitize the mind.
jump shot off the gl-ss, scoreboard, hit the crossbars
made it richochet between saturn and mars
then brought it back, both hands, and nailed it, broke the tight tie
nothing but net, and i, to save mankind.