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1080p dreams – @myfuneral lyrics


sample: “you’re so emo that you probably have bracelet made of razor blades.”

i’m not lifted cause i never smoke that loud
yet i’ve always had my head up in the clouds
i start picturing my body in the dirt
when i think of everybody that i hurt
but i slowly started to feel a bit better
when i stopped caring about how i’ll be remembered
my existence is so inexusable
that you could talk sh-t about me at my funeral
i wouldn’t mind
mention my propensity to lie
tell them that i never even tried
say how i was rarely ever there
convey the fact i barely even cared
empathy’s not something i attained
my heart is just as tiny as my brain
mankind and i have always been detatched
my eulogy should belong in the trash
and i don’t care
remember all those times i made you laugh?
sometimes i wish that i could take them back
if 98% of me is negative
might as well just make the leap to one hundred
i’m sorry that i couldn’t make you proud
i got sidetracked cause my head’s up in the clouds
but i imagine that it will be beautiful
when you tear me apart at my own funeral
at my funeral