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10cellphones – on go lyrics


middle finger to them cop cars

[verse 1]:
middle fingers to them cop cars
i rock out like a rockstar
at least that she got -ss
she ’bout to make my c-ck hard
i might just catch a body
they say i don’t got no heart
you say that that’s your thotty
i think you need to restart
these n-gg-s is some retards, they stay smokin’ on that tree bark
i’m smokin’ on some gas and it smells just like some dog fart
you say you got some vv’s but them diamonds came from walmart
that diamonds on your shawty she just took your -ss to hallmark
and we smokin’ on that dead wrong
pull up now his head gone
i wait outside your house, might kick yo’ door if you take too long
i k!ll, then i be gone
go back to where i be belong
i’m really from the sticks, i rock camo, not no vlone
steaks with the t-bone
i’m eatin’ with a redbone
i eat it til’ it’s all gone
she suck me like her teeth gone
i only f-ck with freak hoes
i don’t f-ck with no cheap hoes
yea, i only f-ck with freak hoes
i don’t f-ck with no weak hoes
that b-tch wet like a speedboat
she say she want torpedo
trigger on her, desert eagle
i don’t know but they all gon’ blow
i pull up with all of my peoples
i already know they all on go
i already know, i already know, i already know they all on go