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10cellphones – your loss lyrics


b-tch is all up in my face
then you say ignore my calls
now they on my d-ck cause they see i got the sauce
now i am a demon, i’m a beast, i’m a dog
you ain’t f-ck with me back then baby girl that is your loss
you ain’t f-ck with me back then don’t f-ck with me at all
this sh-t is a problem that i really need to solve
i was trappin goin hard while yo n-gg- goin soft
say you wanna be the boss well you gotta pay the cost

b-tches think they is so real but i think these b-tches lost
shawty you keep it a hunnid why you gotta be so fuss
makin’ plays in the field like i’m playin lacrosse
i’m just tryna run it up baby i ain’t tryna talk
got these bands in my pocket you can tell by my wall
shawty say that she undress me cause she think that i’m a doll
if you ain’t trust me right now dont put your trust in me at all