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10k banks – computers lyrics


[“free them 10’s]

(“gang gang gang”)

n-ggas been snitchin lately act like it ain’t never happen n-ggas totin guns but missed the jokers they ain’t never clappin
say you gonna shoot me and your movie when we k!ll who actin, if you lackin no need to say action you gon’ need new castin
macs like computers long as rulers something about a yard i got some shooters they like hoopers so you better guard, them hitters shoot you they gonna mute you if you talkin hard, bullets go through you, your medusa gon’ be missin parts shooters like tutors they gonna screw you this lead free of charge
they pull up on you leave you on the street parked like a car, n-ggas was talkin like they walkin and they livin large love king of diamonds got jack with the 9, deck of cards

[beat change]
opp n-ggas who i don’t hang with, they be the n-ggas who be actin like they on the same sh-t , it might be the ones you hang with keep it 100 so put some money on your head , this dollar will get you changed quick
couple n-ggas with a pole on their head but i told you already you on your own with the rent so don’t come over here if you don’t belong in the clique clouted up, these b-tches callin my phone for the d-ck
don’t forget lil shorty was givin dome in the whip like green a n-gga was in the zone when it lit , it was too late i was already gone when it switched so i almost ran into a n-gga home with the whip

– switch lanes –

i looked over and she was still goin strong on the d-ck so i ain’t pay no attention to the pole that i hid she was gone so i guess she got along for the d-ck
smokin dope so it strong like a lift, call the plug for the zip to smoke it up like a vent, get to gunnin and n-ggas runnin like it’s a open sprint so we thumbin through them hundreds they comin like an event (aye) b-tch i’m dunkin like kobe over a fence say you run-up then we drummin like africans in the tent – if a n-gga with a 30 , i’m totin’ like 50 cent, if you owe us stuff we sure collecting it like it’s rent (aye)
catch me crusin overseas in my double b’s smoke a couple g’s shootin 3’s like we in the lead , but my n-ggas totin 30′ call it 10-3 n-ggas turnin into enemies they gonn’ feel the heat (gang)