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10k gray – had your chance lyrics


“steady flow”

look at my wrist, what’s the time it’s about 9

it’s so clean it’s so icy and it shines

look at the girl, look her down yeah she fine

bring the bag get that cash from the stash

he so clean but he drags forgot the tag

is that you will flex will you not

if you talk i won’t trust you a op

have to move i want more i can’t stop

think he’ll make don’t think so he will not

going up like king kong i’m on top

where we go out the door i will shop

i will grove in the crowd milly rock


bro bro bro bro bro

“wait a little after beat drops to start”

what’s the move what’s the plan what you got

not too long give me a few alb-m drops

how you feel when i come don’t be lame

she wants me cause the clout cause the fame

i’m so clean just like prince purple rain

pretty soon when i’m up know my name

he so weak he don’t flex it’s a scam

i’m up top i just up i’m a champ

you don’t move there’s no action on a rant

with my bros by my side they’re my fam

got a whip no bus stop there’s no trans

live the life make it happen there’s your chance

on the stage wilding out do my dance

what’s his deal no he broke so he can’t

got them socks show them off yeah they stance

show me love in my city love my fans

he saw us said oh no then he ran