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10kkev – delightful lyrics


[ verse ]
didn’t finish high school or i ain’t go to college
telegram chats with the nerds where i got my knowledge
the sk!lls that they taught me way more efficient
learned how to run it up off blank card and equipment
jugg page was the wave until i used my first piece
the dumps had me state to state in the store getting receipts
gave up on the sports and turned to the scams
i was tardy daily doing pick ups like f#ck the exam
always been a trendsetter not a wave biter
think you gettin blowed off a gram i’m gettin way higher
a 3 drank from moonrock and some exotic strands
i paid 200 a 3.5 for this god’s plan
i can’t listen to your song it’s full of jibber#jabber
the last time you was up you was on a ladder
said you had some cash man you had to be dreaming
my pro credit a1 got 0 down for a demon
i only cash fits if i ain’t got time to wait
d#mn bae you lookin good, scratch that, you look great
you spent all your funds just on having fun
reach into your pocket for some money and there won’t be none
mike amiri feign i don’t rock no other jeans
her card just did 8 i feel bad for francine
8,000 not 800 this b#tch here a hitter
had her texting me off a different number calling me a n####r
bout to drop another tape get the fire department ready
bought a an94 and i got me a machete
i ain’t tryna hurt no body these bullets will k!ll
one of these hit your skin ain’t no way to be healed
ain’t no surviving bullets these size
crazy that you so broke you couldn’t buy chili cheese fries
that’s like 2 dollars and some change
think about it sh#t at the dollar store out of your spending range
these something half off i’m moving contact
smacked a n#gga so hard you hear the impact
found somebody card in public it’s in the wrong hands
i’ll take from anybody, b#tch or grown man
the cheap balenci socks hit for 120
n#ggas fits don’t even add up to 120
n#ggas don’t even got $120 dollars
got a funky stench your breath hotter than some lava
indiana too green they don’t got no suspicion
that i’m using stolen info to buy what i’m getting
but on my proper tone and it’s all over
buyer don’t call me by name it’s gift card loader