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10ng – paon lyrics




p. a. we say (respondez sil vous plait) dj replay (comprende) ok. pull up in a dubb drop walk into d club wot polo on my top notch 90’s on my chest vest boutta feel d heat heck black around my waist check reebok on my feet floor tap on wit d beat view a beauty frm d west bet look is cute n sweet neat see thru slim n fit hold up jesus on my neck – ‘if u even think of it’ sorry lord i quit. leave n hit the driveway head on home for sunday work on next monday my fund d-day at d end of d weekday step into d section h-llo sir excuse me i’m not here 4 foul play u already kno this day is. payday relay today no delay friday party all day roulette hop out to d walk way this is such a nice day move on by d subway some a for my lady a penny for d needy i’m q ryt on dat yay yay all in all i’m crazy yippy heaven has me fill up d chill mood is like the moon high i wanna touch d skyline i believe i can fly no u r not a fly y u believe i can die whatever chap bye now i’m home turn d door kn-b n zoom into d room bae there she lay wit her hair pony on our bed lonely in a lingerie sweet burberry. hey shawty hi baby my honey (si papi) happy b’day roses bouquet do u wanna ride i b ray v in a drop top wind blow breezy sunshine glow like see me see we wer u wanna go my s-xy hide up in d park n s-x me flirty mr one n only own me solely peony bone me slowly i b jason derulo u can talk dirty to me kiss me i’m prince a no more cheap plate lobster n (or) sushi all day tv tyra or keke turn up wit jj we stay trippy or should we hop into a cabin n head to wisconsin boston madison or carson in similar fashion spot a mall n barge in to bargain walk up to d keeper n say. good day tis is snappy i hv a really old nanny who wud love this jewelry but d price says ‘not really’ could u drop it n still make ur profit make a cut off it all she has much love for old baby may pro’ly die today for all tis i can do a service to pay she said ok slash pay for u only just for today mind mood pharrell happy d note on her face was pity for me. p. a. this essay summa c-m laude g. p. a. (touche)


i got nuthin else to say