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11 acorn lane – live it up lyrics


come on, people!
it’s time to live it up!
that’s right!
live it up!

live it up
come on people now
live it up
go on, together now
live it up
let’s together
come on people, let’s (come on!) live it up

[verse 1]
you bought a car
it’s in the shop
you love your boss
he just won’t stop

you watch tv
there’s nothing on
you kiss your girl
she’s up and gone

live it up
now, let me hear you say
live it up
we go together now
live it up
get together now
come on people, let’s live it up

that’s right, now
here’s the thing
gather around, gather around

[verse 2]
play your trombone
the slide is bent
you love your home
it’s just a tent

you’re in the park
it’s starts to rain
you’ve got four queens
but loose the game

live it up
come on now people, come on
live it up
you got it going now
live it up
ok, come on go
live it up
live it up