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11 minutes away – this is only an emergency lyrics


change of plans now.
this was unexpected. can’t look back.
ask these questions. secure my failure.
you’re not alone. this crash landing. is overwhelming.
we’re going down.
i confess to you. too late
i know. before we die.
i wish you knew.
we’ll fall into the unknown doom together.
and everything will be okay i promise.
i’ll hold your hand and keep you safe forever.
it’s so bright i can’t look back. it’s so bright.
i know your scared cause i am too.
accept this failure it will bring you down.
and please look to me for that faith that’s lost.
we won’t make it this time so don’t let go.
it’s a long way to fall i wish you knew.
it’s a long way to fall.
it’s just me. its been so long.
and i’ll miss you.
i can’t look back. too late i know.
i wish you knew