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116 clique – champion lyrics


make the n-gg-rs wanna copy us
we ain’t like the rest og them
baby ain’t it obvious
proudly be the…
let me tell them i’m the sh-t

none of them show up
… to the audience
holler in the mother f-cker
make him call the fire men
i stack it up and go…
for the n-gg-rs less confident
like i said it ain’t gonna stoppin’ us
all i do is make hits
part of you don’t know how to miss
i’m f-cking…
the city champion
show you n-gg-rs know how to win

.bring them back
make them die for it
we mean to get high again
bought the gift fly again

show me how they look like
tell me their blood type

i wake up to get lied
cause i’m a champion
… to my brain
cause i’m a champion
got a lot of gold on my chain
cause i’m a champion
we ain’t like them h-r-s
we’re counting
big money [repeats]

right black att-tude
feeling like the best atall
all i do is win
never… out
so i’m also on my…
i bring money to the table
may sound… detergent to a label
i still got the blood and
i ain’t talking but a cable
all these rappers
ain’t nothing but a hey-ho
be champion
welcome to the late show
… the most just to make n-gg-rs hate more
every day i make…
every day i get paid
… with the flow
. another homicide
you keep up about affiliation
never had an alibi
big money
type of sh-t you n-gg-rs fantasies
enough is never
never satisfied


hall of faim…
n-gg-rs know i bought a h-r-
b-tchin’ me a p-ssy i’m…
i ain’t talking about her homework
… got rocks in the chain
you can sell it n-gg-r
it’s probably why you’re girl just…
i’m sticking to the pimp called:
we love h-r-s
have some boy like the homey…
… from that old black gucci
always fresh so you know i sty fly
i never gonna land it’s like i’m living in the sky
g5 now high like them better when they…
my girl got a girl and i ain’t even go why
i make money when i’m sleeping
i wake up on a crime calling up these n-gg-rs…