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11th avenue – no one’s favorite lyrics


(quote from the movie “the ghost breakers”)
when a person dies and is buried
it seems a certain voodoo priest who
has the power to bring him back to life
(how horrible)
it’s worse then horrible because a zombie has no will of his own you see them sometimes
walking around blindly with dead eyes
following orders
not knowing what they do, not caring

no one’s favorite
filled with hatred
stuck in a matrix
i’ll never make it
so why do i write?
i move to the left
cus i try to do this right
top of my cl-ss i’m not that bright
good grades don’t mean sh-t in real life
and in real life you not living twice
so f-ck being nice
i rather hit yo headphones harder then ray rice when he hit his wife
last place picking up my stride
i look in the great divide
i see the signs
i see bullets collide
f-ck cops
f-ck swine
f-ck bacon
why god have you forsaken me?
people blow their brains out to set their minds free
we all meet up at that fruit tree
tell stories
drink mercury
do i fear death ?
and i purposely
i flirt with it
like its normal
i address the paranormal
all this turmoil
don’t sleep
i’m nocturnal
can’t live forever
i’m mortal
but it’s better that way
life at best is all grey
when i die what will be the last words i’ll say?
it’ll be c.e.a.m