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11th dimension – misanthropy lyrics


it may seem that i’m crazy, for some
i scream my words in silence
i warm my heart in cold

is it a crime
to crave some time for myself?
i feel comfort in sp-ce
when there’s no one there
and the faces around me
look all the same
there is no place inside me
to welcome them

solitude seems so peaceful
when voices only crush me
against the floor
let me be free
in my own misery

i’m not crumbling
instead, i’m building my fortress
in my lonely moments
i’m hunting time just to find in me
a new strength
a shine of life where i’m fearless
i’m diving in my dreams
to find my inner being

there, where agony haunts me till death
lies a society drowning in shame
better be closed in me than be drowned with them