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11th hour – reunion illusion lyrics


there you lie
dead and cold
emty eyes
you’ve seen the void
sick ward room
your final breath
air of doom
the scent of death

and i believe
once beyond we’ll reunite
you’ll see…

feel the life
flowing out of me
calm inside
drift away
on my final breath
black embrace
i welcome death

cause i believe
once beyond we’ll reunite
you’ll see
i am unafraid to die
and flee
a world devoid of warmth or light
for me…

horror, panic and fear
grip my stone dead heart
you’re not here
i stumble in the dark
a vast wave of souls
lost and scared like me
how could i be so wrong?
i’ll dwell in misery

i searched ever corner of this rotten
place for you
i know now you never came this way

the river black that keeps me from
my love
i’ll pay the boatman, he’ll take me
to you

as i drown i realise
i’ve been deceived
by the boatman’s lies
as maelstroms rage
i am condemned
to never see
your face again