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11th & waller – motel hearts lyrics


i’ve been sitting here
in this room
writing about you
just like you asked me to

when things get bad again
just take your hand
and remember when
the good days they shined, through you

dream weaver
you’ve lost your mind
heart breaker
you’ve broken your stride

sometimes i see you
in the middle of the night

your eyes were broken stones
ink riddled motel heart
wooden frame rib bones
with knowledge the sun will die

late nights no sleep
thinking if i had knocked
would you let me in?
see you hanging by the rafters
in the winter wind

remember the days
when we sprawled out on the floor
our heads in our hands
thought we were done for

and every night
i spent alone
was another night
i’d write you home

you told me
it’ll be over soon
lets just lye here
under the moon
we don’t need no negative face
we can run at our own pace

and the day you’d hide
i closed my eyes
i only wanted you
by my side

let’s forget what we were told
so sick of growing old
with car crash hands
accidents bound to happen
a rented out home of a heart
it’s left beaten and blackened

so wrap your words around my neck
help close my eyes and just forget
so wrap these words around my neck
help close my eyes and just forget

motel heart
motel heart