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12 decembers – oxygen lyrics


[verse 1: azuria sky]
the willow bent before the wren
catatonic and content
ferns unfurled their tender ears
while the sun would catch its breath

[verse 2: azuria sky]
you became just like a myth
the kind that convolutes you
and you drew me like a breath

[verse 3: azuria sky]
like smoke fated to rise
my heart will crystallize
like oxygen

[verse 4: azuria sky & myles stevens]
i lost you to a breeze again
please come back to me again
pouring words so cavalier
joy i’m cursed to borrow

[verse 5: azuria sky & myles stevens]
did i lose you in the dark?
allegories we would paint
spinning vines into the years
falling like wisteria

[verse 6: azuria sky & myles stevens]
did i lose you?
did you lose me?
when i shiver
corners crumble from my dreams

[outro: azuria sky]
but we were once called spring
we were once called spring