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12 districts – meds lyrics


[verse: lil droplets]
on the province with a big bag
international boy
move like montana, three flights, now i’m jet+lagged
my last verse your first set+back
i know that you hear this, i know what you fearin’
adrien’s label on the price tags
if he talkin’ sh+t, we gon’ air him out, next thing he gon’ be in’s a duffel bag
like who the f+ck they think they testing?
i make all profits and investments
way you thought i’m honest ’bout the way that i feel ’bout you, it’s honestly depressing
addressing my secrets and all of my weakest through audio, purest profession
count my blessings while being independent the reason i’m deeply progressing
i hope they take that as a lesson
’cause one day the labels gon’ get you and make you cater rather than you expressing
ain’t no remorse when it’s written in pen, or set in stone
so why do you settle for less, you could settle for more
12d what happens when you give your bros a platform to tell stories and mend them the floor
thought she was the one, she ain’t know ’bout amour
now she’s the base for the sh+t i record
medication blocking all my free+form
medication blocking all my free+form