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12 districts – mulberry lyrics


[part 1]

[verse 1: .kashu.]

[verse 2: idm]
12 districts f+ckin’ it up
grind yo bones to dust
.38 on my waist, sh+t’s quick to bust
watch me in school thinkin’ “d+mn, he’s such a freak” (i know)
the blood from my enemies paint my t++th (you know what)
f+ck the guns, i got a blade with no sheath
in the back, slittin’ my wrists
you know you and me can’t coexist
using my sh+t in self+defense (liar)
hear me whisper in the night
better duck if in my sights
i’m ’round your neck and squeezin’ tight
better cry, you lil’ b+tch
leave what’s left inside a ditch
guys like me in horror fl!cks
i gotta dip, i got necks to twist

alright, let’s listen to it
[part 2]

[verse 3: lil droplets]
lost soul, ‘nother product of made men, ayy
seeing double, these illusions, ayy
back when bryant was locked up (locked up)
had to make some amends—, mends—
settled with hallucinogens (hallucinogens)
i’m keeping tabs, know we insinuatin’, sin
all of my brothers feel more like kin, uh
miles of road, traveling to the ends
quid pro quo for my bro when he was inside of the pits, uh
fighting the rage, i need some peace within, oh
where was you when i was tripping?
losing faith and all the [censored] in my religion
if i spoke on your behalf, there’d be a difference
see, you and i, we got a lot of distance
days stuck inside thinkin’, cryin’, reminsicin’
most times, riding high from the beginning
asking for some features, b+tch, i got no interest
rather be suspended than see all your mentions
accustomed to this life, been tryna strive
pushed the devil to the side
thinkin’ ’bout the times i’ve almost died
would it be coincidental if i’m living an ultimate lie?
since the evils ’round me forcing energy that’s undermined
[outro: lil droplets]
i need a blueprint