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1/2-e – cash rules everything around me lyrics


cash rules everything around me
learned that speech from wu-tang speaks
in cortez sneaks
kick it with o13’z
on pingree st
y’all know me

[verse i]
are you sick of your day job?
sit and curse god cause you ain’t paid off?
i’m tryna be an adolf
lead a nation
and you’ll probably say i’m a racist
but face it, your hatreds a misplacement
you live on praise and pray to a white god
fill gaps in life with copy and paste
and hide behind a mirage
my taste laced with grace
but a little avant-garde
so i ain’t getting paid
unemployed but still enjoyed what i made
take it serious n-gga, like this a rape
i’m a serious n-gga, most of you are fake
my flos a serial k!ller let loose on the lake
i’m anxious and abrasive
with cases of derangement
poverty stricken and hardly close to famous
but my life feels better than yours
so what’s that saying?
what y’all saying?
what? y’all saiyan?

[chorus x2]

[verse ii]
it’s why i delivered dope sacks
before i learned how to drive
at age 14 named by bdg’s
repping the west side
so while you phonies set claiming
but never hustled to put food on the table
i was struggling just to conjure up lunch
and raised on fables of pimps and pesos
i take those, and make a rose grow
from the charcoals left behind by broken
dreams, burning schemes and hopefully they’ll notice me
so i can elevate the people
got a voice to breathe poetry
to end poverty they need to see capitalism is evil
but you need to ball, so pause and take another call
don’t forget a vagrants silhouette buried underneath your shopping mall
don’t forget a vagrant’s silhouette, buried underneath your shopping mall
cause after all-

[chorus x1]