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1/2-e – fuck off lyrics


[verse i: 1/2-e]
he k!ll it with half his attention
with half his potential
1/2-e in general
could name him several
terrible artists, won’t get off his genitals
so why am i in this mother f-cking trap
with all of these parakeets
that repeat what they had told them to speak?
i don’t know
something that you on
something to chew on
getting that salad no croutons
you need fun coupons
so get your -ss back on them phones
dig deep in that ledger
find me some gold
you ain’t a slave, but b-tch do as your told
and maybe i’ll break you a piece of your soul

[bridge: 1/2-e]
tell your boss to f-ck off (x4)

[verse ii: 1/2-e]
i’m just an animal
wait and go cannibal
camera casual
cooking this cancerous
look at the fl1ck of the wrist
when he’s whipping it’s k!lling the capitalists
1/2-e the anarchist, k!ll all the rich
f-ck this d-mn job, i don’t need this bullsh-t
i went to college, but it ain’t mean sh-t
this n-gga f-cked regardless what he did

[chorus: 1/2-e]
can’t tell me to calm the f-ck down (x4)
we in debt up to our ears
can’t tell me to calm the f-ck down
why in the f-ck do you think that i’m here
can’t tell me to calm the f-ck down
did you think i wanted this for career
can’t tell me to calm the f-ck down
america lied to us, they telling you to sit still
can’t tell me to calm the f-ck down

[verse iii: atheist]
the spotlight gonna act like
a battery pack when i rippity rap
rippity rap?
ripping the track
f-ck your slang i’m reverting it back
king of the wack slang
feeling the back pain
carrying every last one of you
i’m holding it down, and i’m holding it up
i do squats with the scene, what you wanna do?
what you oughta do
call your mama dude
cause my dogs are bigger than marmaduke
what a rhymer do, when he get an att-tude
and mad at you?
he get the middle finger till he showing grat-tude
sick of every plat-tude
party in the avenues
dude what you do?
did what i had to do
doing what i’m doing
house of lewis stay moving
and i’m great at my job, shout out to my boss


[verse iv: blox]
i work at a call center to pay my bills
you probably been here
so you know how it feels
like call after call, i forget how to feel
like when my mom told me that santa’s not real
wish i had a magical lantern
to light up the void in my mind that my life has became
there’s a hole in my heart
that gets f-cked like a stripper
who traded her soul for cocaine in exchange
while her son sits at home, babysit by her mom
while she out sucking d-ck for her uncle named tom
and she gotta pay the rent, so i let her go down
but i don’t think she knows
depicted as a serial k!ller
named kaymen that came in
with a saber like kylo ren
i masked my pen like mileena
and unlike katana
i could give a f-ck about fans
i’m sick of the rappers not even a chart
hungry as f-ck and give penny for thought
rich in my spirit, but what was the cause if the soul i was given is owned by my boss?
i’m laying curled up in the fetal position
was ripped out of heaven, my wing are still missing
you’re idle a jesus, but f-ck every christian
why pray to a god that don’t even listen
i am no longer the dream that i stand for
concrete ideas, now heat on the wax floor
breaks in my work i do lines off the dashboard
f-ck it, i quit b-tch